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What is Green Building?

Quite simply, green building is an effort to develop more energy-efficient, healthier and environmentally-responsible buildings. Strategies used by today's green building practitioners look at every phase of the construction and operation of buildings, whether they are focused on energy efficiency, indoor air quality or waste reduction.

Why build green?

Reduced energy bills, better indoor air quality and happier lives through a deeper connection to the structures we live and work in.

What is the Future of Green Design and Building?

Continuing concerns over energy consumption is causing many communities, including San Luis Obispo, to make Green Building part of their vision and General Plan for the future. As the public is more educated through groups like SLO Green Build as to the benefits and economics of Green Building it will become commonplace and possibly mandatory.

Staircase constructed using green materials

The California University System has already made this commitment for new buildings on their campuses across the state. There are many systems and organizations in place to rate the "green" in a project, such as LEED and the U.S.G.B.C. locally we have the green building checklist and peer review programs for helping building professionals and clients educate themselves in Green.

Is Green Building More Expensive?

Green Building does not need to be any more expensive than traditional building practices. To achieve this it is important to be thinking Green from the early stages of design and hire professionals who have experience; there are a growing number of us. Also it is important to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. A 2,000 sq. ft manufactured house will be less expensive than a 2,000 sq ft. custom straw bale home. One must look at the long term vs. short term costs of building, maintaining, heating and cooling a structure. The bottom line is Green Building can make sense economically as well as emotionally