Cullen Constuction


Sustainable Building

Beginning with an outlaw straw bale home in Santa Fe, NM, in 1995, the commitment to building responsible structures has been a driving force behind what has evolved into one of the leading Green Building firms on California's Central Coast. As new technologies prove reliable, we have embraced these advances. Our builders have experience in ground up projects using PISE, ICF, and Straw Bale, as well as Advanced Framing techniques in conventional stick-frame construction. In the last few years, homeowners have been asking for “greener” building products in their homes to help with indoor air quality, reduction of global impact, and social justice issues. The Building Industry has responded with countless new products.

Part of our job is to research and know which of these products are reputable and will meet our high standards of quality over time. A large part of a structure's sustainability is its durability, which reduces the frequency with which materials will need to be torn out, discarded and replaced with new materials. Working with local green material suppliers, architects, and designers ensures that the materials used in your project will benefit not only the earth, but our community as well.
Projects & Versatility

One of the advantages of being a leader in Green Building Practices is the ability to be versatile in the materials we use and the projects we build. This allows us to achieve a high degree of quality control using our experienced craftsman on as many aspects of a given project as possible. There are some trades that, for efficiency and cost reduction, should be done by professionals who work in that specific trade everyday. When we do reach out to experts, we use subcontractors that have proven to us that they will meet our high standards of quality and craftsmanship. Cullen Construction, Inc. realizes that when building a project holistically, we can only be as good as our weakest link. Therefore, we hire only professional firms to add to our work and keep jobs moving reliably and efficiently.
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